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10 Reasons to Decrease Your Stress 14 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep
It's commonly said that you should reduce your stress and relax more, but did you know there are specific health reasons to do so? Learn more.
You probably know that not sleeping enough can lead to grumpiness. Find out some of the most surprising benefits of getting enough sleep.
18 Proven Weight Loss Tips Acidity, Alkalinity, and Cancer
If you're looking for proven ways to lose weight faster, without the hype, look no further. Find 18 ways that have been proven to help people lose weight.
Does the alkaline diet help prevent or cure cancer? We've looked at the research and here is what we found.
Aerobic Exercise: Fun Activities for Weight Loss Alkaline Foods List
Aerobic exercise is good for your body, mind, and weight loss routine. Learn some fun aerobic exercises to keep your interest and fit into your routine.
If you wish to follow an alkaline diet, you'll find a list of approved foods here.
Anti-Inflammatory Foods Are Green Smoothies Dangerous?
Increase your longevity by focusing on anti-inflammatory foods and exercise.
Green smoothies for health and weight loss are a popular way to get more vegetables into your diet. Find out how green smoothies could be dangerous.
Are Seeds Healthy? Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes: A Comparison
Learn about the health benefits of four popular types of seeds.
Find out more information about some popular sugar alternatives like saccharin, honey, and stevia.
Asparagus and Avocados: A-List Appetite Pleasers Avocado May Boost Memory, Eye Health, and Attention
Avocado and asparagus both have high amounts of antioxidants and other nutrients. Learn more about the health benefits of avocado and asparagus.
Learn ways for you to lower your blood pressure through diet, stress-relieving techniques, and other lifestyle changes.
Back Pain: Avoiding, Treating, and Living with Back Pain and Sciatica Benefits of Drinking Water
Learn how to avoid getting back pain and what to do if you do suffer from it.
The benefits of drinking water are numerous and some of them are surprising. Learn more about how drinking plenty of water can impact your health and weight loss efforts.
Cabbage and Capsicum: Flavor and Flair Can You Lose Weight by Eating Spicy Food?
Cabbage and peppers can be added to a healthy diet in fun and flavorful ways. Learn the health benefits of cabbage and peppers and how to add them to your meals.
Find out whether eating spicy foods can help you lose weight and whether they may afford other health benefits, too.
Can You Shrink Your Stomach? Cauliflower and Pears: High Fiber, Low Carb Dietary Powerhouses
People say you can shrink your stomach over time by eating less. Is it true? Learn whether your stomach can shrink.
Cauliflower and pears are low carb, high fiber diet choices that can help you lose weight and stay full.
Cucumber and Arugula: Gearing up for Summer Eating Mindfully
Cucumber and arugula are two unassuming pieces of produce with big health benefits. Put them together on a sandwich for a fabulous, crunchy, tangy taste.
Eating mindfully means being attentive to your food and eating with intention rather than quickly while you're doing other things. It can help you with weight loss as well as lower stress.
Fantastic Uses for Baking Soda Fast Morning Fixes for the New Year and Beyond
Baking soda can help with minor health conditions, skin problems, and deodorizing your home. Learn some amazing uses for baking soda.
Finding ways to get everything done can sometimes derail New Year's resolutions. Learn ways to maximize your morning routine and meet your goals.
Fermented Kimchi and Obesity Fiber for Weight Loss
Healthy holiday appetizers that taste good might sound like a pipe dream, but it is possible. Find tips and recipes for easy, healthy holiday appetizers.
Learn about the types of fiber and whether a high fiber diet can help you lose weight faster.
Foods to Fight Back Pain GABA Rice: Germinated or Sprouted Brown Rice
Learn how changing your diet can improve your back pain. Find out how to choose anti-inflammatory foods.
Sprouted whole grain rice can be even more nutritional than regular brown rice. Learn why and find step-by-step instructions for sprouting your own rice here.
Garcinia Cambogia: The Smart Way to Enjoy the Holidays Getting Back to Sleep: 14 Tips for Falling Back to Sleep When You Wake up Too Soon
Garcinia cambogia may be able to help you enjoy a bit of holiday indulgence without gaining extra weight.
When you wake up at night and can't easily get back to sleep, it leaves you frustrated and tired. Learn 14 ways to get back to sleep if you wake up too early.
Glucomannan: A Different Source of Fiber Grapes and Eggplants: Fruits That Fight the Winter Health Slump
If you are looking to jump-start your weight loss, you may want to look at a different fiber source. Glucomannan may help you feel full longer among other health benefits.
Winter can bring a desire for heavier comfort foods. Learn how to combat the blues with healthier foods like grapes and eggplants.
Gut Flora and Depression Healthy Holiday Appetizers
An unhealthy gut may contribute to depression, according to new research.
Healthy holiday appetizers that taste good might sound like a pipe dream, but it is possible. Find tips and recipes for easy, healthy holiday appetizers.
Himalayan Pink Salt How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight
Find out more about Himalayan pink salt, why people think it's better than table salt, and why some people think it's not.
Learn about high protein diets and how they help you lose weight faster and easier.
How to Avoid Emotional Eating How to Eat an Artichoke: VIDEO
Eating because you are stressed, lonely, nervous or bored can lead to health problems. Learn how to identify your emotional eating triggers and combat them.
Eating an artichoke takes a little know-how. Watch how it’s done in this video.
How to End Yo-Yo Dieting for Good How to Give up Sugar: A Step-By-Step Guide
Here, find five strategies to end your yo-yo dieting and achieve better health long-term.
Learn specific steps for giving up sugar and increasing your health and well-being.
How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication How to Make Homemade Deodorant
Learn ways for you to lower your blood pressure through diet, stress-relieving techniques, and other lifestyle changes.
Store-bought deodorant may contain chemicals that can have negative health effects. Learn how to easily and quickly make homemade deodorant.
How to Maximize the Health Benefits of Garlic How to Season Your Cast Iron
The health benefits of consuming garlic regularly are undeniable. But did you know that the simple preparation technique of resting can give you even more benefits?
Learn how to care for your cast iron and why using cast iron could be good for your health.
How to Stay Motivated to Reach Fitness Goals at the End of the Year Is Coconut Sugar Good for You?
Learn how to stay or get motivated to reach your 2015 fitness goals even as the year winds down and the holidays approach.
Find out whether eating coconut sugar is a better option for your health than consuming table sugar.
Is Grilled Food Dangerous? Jalapeños and Cilantro: Healthy Flavor Kings
Learn whether you should avoid grilled food this summer and what you can do to decrease any risks that it might pose.
Jalapeños have some surprising health benefits, and cilantro is a tasty, healthy herb. Find information about the benefits of cilantro and jalapeños.
Kale and Blueberry: September Superfoods Keep Your Kidneys Healthy: Avoid These Things
It can be difficult to establish a morning routine when you feel rushed and stressed. Follow these tips for making a following a healthy morning schedule.
7 things that can negatively affect your kidney function.
Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Overeating Lemons and Artichokes: Underused Superfoods
Don't derail your weight loss efforts by being sleep deprived. Learn how inadequate sleep can contribute to increased calorie intake.
Lemon and artichoke goes great together. Learn their many health benefits as well as how to cook and eat artichokes.
Maintain a Healthy Gut for Healthy Weight Loss Natural Antidepressants

Healthy gut bacteria may help determine whether you can effectively lose weight. Learn about a healthy gut and how to encourage it.

Antidepressant therapy may be improved by adding certain supplements.
Oil Pulling: Modern Fad or Ancient Forgotten Knowledge? Pedometers and Fitness Trackers: Health Tools That Work
Oil pulling began in India 3000 years ago. Could it help us today? Does oil pulling work?
A pedometer or fitness tracker can help you lose weight by showing you how much you are or aren't doing daily.
Protein for Breakfast Red Rice: What Is It and Is It Good for You?
If you're looking for good weight loss tips, consider this one. Have protein for breakfast. Learn more about how protein in the morning helps you lose weight faster.
Learn the benefits of red rice for your health. Find out how to prepare it and where to get it.
Refined Carbs: What Are They and How Do They Hinder Weight Loss? Shirataki Noodles
Is your weight loss being derailed by refined carbs? Learn what refined carbohydrates are and how they affect weight loss.
Learn all about shirataki noodles, what they're made from, and how they can help you lose weight in this informative article.
Stress and Digestion Stress' Effects on Your Digestive Health: VIDEO
Stress and digestion are linked more closely than you may realize. Learn more.
Learn more about stress and digestion with this charming video.
Sunscreen: What You Need to Know The Benefits of Bone Broth
Learn more about sunscreen, sun exposure, vitamin D, SPF, and the best type of sunscreen.
Bone broth can help you with your digestion, joint health, and even help your skin look younger. Learn more benefits of bone broth here.
The Great Dairy Debate: Is Milk Good or Bad for You? The Health Benefits of Eating Whole Foods
Whether or not dairy is good for people is a subject of much debate. Learn what the science says here.
What are whole foods and are they healthier than processed ones? Learn the difference and why you should consider eating mostly whole foods.
The Hidden Dangers of Antiperspirant The Many Health Benefits of Oolong Tea
Are there hidden dangers in your deodorant ingredients? Learn about underarm bacteria and deodorant dangers.
Learn why oolong tea might be a healthy way to boost your weight loss while fighting inflammation in your body.
Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar Measuring Weight Loss
Learn about some of the popular uses for apple cider vinegar, or ACV, here.
In a world full of instant gratification and constant comparisons, we yearn to see very clear and concise data when it comes to our weight loss efforts. Stepping on a scale may sound like a very quick and efficient way to measure your success but it may actually hide a lot of the progress from you.
Morning Glory: Healthy Beginnings for a Healthy Day Pressing Tofu
It can be difficult to establish a morning routine when you feel rushed and stressed. Follow these tips for making a following a healthy morning schedule.
If you are new to cooking tofu, you might not know the preparation required to create the best tofu dishes. Don’t be discouraged, the tips and tricks we are about to share will help fool-proof the cooking process.
Weight Loss: 90% Kitchen, 10% Exercise, 100% Healthy
Losing weight requires lifestyle changes to be successful. Learn how much of this change should be diet and how much exercise.