Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Learn common uses for apple cider vinegar.

Vinegar is fermented carbohydrate, and it can be made from many things. In the case of apple cider vinegar (ACV), apples are used to make the vinegar.

Vinegar has been used for thousands of years for many purposes. Recently, apple cider vinegar has become popular for its many uses.

Here, we discuss some of the things ACV is used for.


Vinegar is thought by some to help maintain stable blood insulin levels. It's possible that the vinegar interferes with some digestive enzymes, slowing down the process of converting food to sugars and allowing the body to better keep up with them.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Studies in rats indicate that blood pressure and cholesterol may both be lowered by the ingestion of vinegar.

While human studies haven't been done, it's possible that these results might extend to people.

Weight Loss

Ingesting a small amount of vinegar with a meal seems to increase a person's feelings of fullness and decrease their calorie intake for the rest of the day.

Always ask your doctor before routinely taking apple cider vinegar internally. ACV might interfere with certain medications or conditions.

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Some people find that vinegar can break up congestion in their sinuses and possibly even fight sinus infections.

The vinegar is added to water and snorted into the nasal cavity or used in a nettie pot.

Sore Throat

Gargling with a mixture of ACV and warm water helps some people combat a sore throat.

Acid Reflux

Taking some ACV in water daily allows some people who suffer from acid reflux to fight their symptoms without stronger medications.

Around the Home

People use ACV for many home applications, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Weed killing
  • Odor neutralizing
  • As a deodorant
  • To make bone broth

As you can see, ACV can be used for many things and may have benefits to your health and home. Be sure to check with your doctor if you wish to ingest ACV routinely.

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